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After the duo Kurzenberger & Braun supplied the world of optics with original eyeglass frames from the first five decades of the twentieth century, which they generated by buying up old factory goods, in the early 90s, Reinhold Braun started the Braun Classics Collection to break new ground.His vision was to combine classic eyeglass frames in terms of shape and material in a proper collection and to offer this style to his clientele with modern production techniques.

After searching for some time and with a lot of passion for beautiful, classic glasses, he achieved his goals and established his Braun Classics collection, which almost all opticians in the Germany, Austria and Switzerland and many in the European market know and love.

After almost three decades, Reinhold Braun handed over his work to Stefan Kästner and thus found a successor who continues to pursue the Braun Classics credo with dedication and passion.Today we develop our inherited collection with modern means and invest our time and resources every day in the continuity of classic glasses for women and men.We rely on the use of the best materials, such as acetates from Italy and metals from German and Italian production, as well as titanium from Japan, in order to manufacture high-quality glasses frames for our customers.