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Braun Classics

Braun Classics is the independent eyewear label that has been wowing the optical community with classic frames since the 1980s.

In Baden-Baden, in the middle of the northern Black Forest, we design and develop our classic spectacle frames and pay attention to the careful use of our Italian and Japanese resources.

We use Acetate materials that are manufactured in Italy and are also processed there in thoughtful production steps, to high-quality frames.

Our eyeglass frames made of unique metal “Titanium” are manufactured in Japan by expert artisans according to our design and development. These frames are characterized by their durability and special comfort.

Since the beginning of our company’s history, we have been passionately involved with the classic round, oval and panto frame shapes, carefully developing them further to make the classics desirable even in our modern and digitalized age.

Stefan Kรคstner
CEO Braun Classics Gmbh