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Braun Classics’ link to artisan crafts

Since our establishment in the 1980s, we have remained committed to the traditional production of spectacle frames in our factories.

Using a combination of meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail, we create our frames from acetates and metals in the beautiful Dolomites region of Italy.

For our exceptional titanium eyeglass frames, we exclusively manufacture them in Japan. This allows us to utilize the finest pure titanium to create the necessary profiles for our frames.

Even in today’s production of our classic eyeglass designs, we prioritize handcrafted techniques and finishes such as shaping, milling, grinding, polishing, soldering, and welding.

At Braun Classic, our objective is to manufacture our eyeglass frames in a fair and sustainable manner, incorporating modern work processes. We firmly believe in the motto:

“The future lies in our origins!”

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Braun Classics – In Italy

At our facility in Italy, nestled in the picturesque eastern Dolomites, we exclusively manufacture our frames using acetates and metals.

For our acetate frames, we rely on the expertise of Mazzucchelli 1849, an Italian manufacturer known for their high-quality, naturally produced synthetic material made from cotton and wood.

Our Braun Classics collections are centered around the timeless and elegant Havana tones.

To achieve the desired Havana colors, we employ the block acetate process, which allows us to create rich, natural shades with a three-dimensional effect.

In the eyewear factory, the lens shape is carefully cut from the acetate sheets, and the outer contour of the frame is meticulously milled. The middle part is then ground and polished, forming the foundation of the glasses. By attaching the temples to the middle part, the frame of the glasses is completed.

The manufacturing process for metal glasses is different but equally intricate.

To craft metal eyeglass frames, we utilize a range of metal molds to shape the metal profiles. The various parts made from a metallic alloy are then joined together through brazing. Once assembled, the raw setting undergoes grinding and polishing, and the surfaces are perfected using electrolytic baths.

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Braun Classics – In Japan

Braun Classics aimed to develop a long-lasting and eco-friendly eyewear collection and opted to utilize titanium, a lightweight metal.

This distinctive material possesses exceptional qualities for creating eyeglass frames.

Besides its lightweight nature, titanium offers other significant advantages. It is biocompatible, meaning it does not interact with the human body. Additionally, it is highly resistant to corrosion and boasts a strong specific strength, which accounts for its durability.

We specifically chose Japanese titanium for our collection. Skilled professionals in Japan oversee all manufacturing processes. A dedicated workshop produces the necessary tools, the frames are then crafted according to our designs and specifications, and finally, the surfaces are meticulously finished by a specialized electroplating shop in Japan.

Titanium is a truly sustainable material as it serves as a spectacle frame for a prolonged period and can be easily reintegrated into the material cycle after use. In today’s eyewear architecture, titanium sets the standard.